Delhi Police killed notorious criminal Kuldeep Fajja in an encounter

Kuldeep aka Fazza was a notorious crook. There were many cases against him in Delhi as well as Haryana.

New Delhi – The rogue Kuldeep alias Fajja who escaped from custody from GTB Hospital in Delhi was killed in the encounter. Special cell did an encounter. Kuldeep was reported to be in an apartment in Rohini. On seeing the police, Kuldeep opened fire. Killed in police retaliation.

GogI Gang’s notorious gangster Kuldeep aka Fajja had been trying to escape from jail for a long time. The gang’s hold in Rohini and Outer Delhi was weakening. So Gogi also wanted that he or one of Fazza to come out of jail and strengthen the gang again. Therefore a deep conspiracy was hatched for this. Ankash, who was injured in an encounter at GTB Hospital on Thursday, claimed that on March 23, Faja had come to get him rescued, but postponed it.

Kuldeep fajja

Lawrence Bishnoi gang took help from Sandeep

According to officials, Ankesh claims that Kalu Rana, who lives in Bangkok, close to Sandeep alias Kala Jathedi, commanding the Lawrence Bishnoi gang, and Deepak Pahal aka Boxer, who heads the Gogi gang, were involved in the conspiracy. In 2016, Boxer was one of the rescuers of Gogi from the custody of Delhi Police in Bahadurgarh. Ankesh told in interrogation that Kalu Rana along with Fajja took him in a conference call some time back. For over a week, Fazza had been telling the jail administration about stomach discomfort. So he was brought to GTB Hospital on 23 March. On that day, the crooks retreated from carrying out the work after seeing more number of policemen.

Reiki of the entire route, parking was near the police vehicle

Police sources claim that Ankesh told that he had found Fajja in Tihar Jail in 2011. He told that Fazza had informed him about coming to GTB Hospital. Hence Deepak Boxer and he himself brought miscreants from different places. Earlier, the entire route was reclaimed to make it easier to escape. Therefore Scorpio was parked in the middle of the hospital building and a parked car park for inmates from the prison. But the police’s sudden firing shattered the crooks.

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Scorpio was robbed after killing in Farrukhnagar, Gurgaon

Police sources said that Ankesh refused to recognize the miscreant Ravi who was killed in the encounter. In the investigation, it was found that Ravi is a resident of Jind district, who was wanted in a murder in Rohtak in 2020. Ravi Jagasi of Sonepat, who was being talked about to die, was also involved in the crime. But he escaped. Ankesh told the police that in order to abscond Fajja, a murder was committed in Faruk Nagar, Gurgaon by carrying out a double murder and a Scorpio was used in the crime. The miscreants left it at GTB Hospital on Thursday.

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