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Video of stunts of two young women on a bike in Ghaziabad is going viral

Video of stunts 2 young girls

In Ghaziabad, a video of stunt by two women on a bike is going viral. On the same bike, the other girl is running on the bike, sitting on her shoulder.

Virul video of young women bike stunt

The number on the bullet bike is also from Ghaziabad. In the video Govindapuram and Web City area, it is being told that while walking on the bike, the other woman sitting on the shoulder of the woman is doing a stunt by waving her hair in the air and putting on the cap with one hand.

Girls bike stunt

The girls doing stunts on the bike are wearing a t-shirt from one gym, which is expected to indicate that both the girls were members of a gym. This video has gone viral on social media in Ghaziabad.

The number on the bullet bike is also from Ghaziabad

People described the video as fatal on Twitter and tagged UP police and Ghaziabad traffic police and demanded action. In this whole case, SP traffic of Ghaziabad Ramanand Kushwaha has said that the video of two girls doing bullet stunts is going viral, this bullet has been invoiced for only Rs 11,000.

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You can also see this receipt of the challan, for violation of several different traffic rules, an amount of Rs 11 thousand has been challaned. According to Chalan, this bike is registered in the name of Manju Devi.

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